Restore Sealcoating

Terms And Conditions

It is our number one priority to provide a professional service and a great customer experience. We have learned the best practices and found the highest quality products to service your driveway restoration needs. We look forward to giving you our best recommendations, answering any questions and educating our customers about what to expect from the service we offer. We look forward to adding you to our list of valued customers.

1. Driveway sealcoating proposals do not include filling the gaps between driveway and garage or concrete. Additional costs will apply if requested.

2. Driveway cracks will be filled at the contractor’s discretion where repair adds durability and longevity to the driveway. Only cracks over ¼” will be repaired. The repair will not be visible after sealcoating. Hairline cracks will always be visible.

3. During a brush application of sealcoat there may be slight brush marks that are visible. These will fade away over time. The sand in the sealer, which adds durability and a nonslip surface can cause this.

4. If we install a new asphalt to your existing driveway it will have a deep black color and may not match your existing driveway. Even after the entire driveway is seal coated including the new patch you may still be able to see a difference in color. It often will not match perfectly.

5. Oil spots may still be visible even after the area was primed and seal coated.

6. Tire marks will be visible on a freshly sealed driveway. This is normal and will go away in time. You can cause damage to the seal coat when turning the steering wheel while the car is stationary and making sharp turns. Make sure car is in motion while turning the steering wheel. You should not drive on the driveway after seal coating for at least 48 hours.

7. If you have a leaking hose or downspout that drips water on the driveway it can cause problems to the sealer in that area. We are not responsible for any stains or damage this may cause.

8. During the fall season leaves may fall onto the driveway soon after sealcoating. This can leave a slight discoloration in that area but will fade away over the winter season. Leaves will not affect the quality of the work.

9. All work is guaranteed for 1 year excluding any damages caused by winter weather conditions (i.e. salt, snow plows, shoveling, ice chipping and snow blowers) and opening of cracks due to freezing or thawing conditions.

10. Invoice is due upon receipt and may be paid by cash, check, debit or credit card. Our electronic payments use the industry’s highest security standards available.