Sealcoating not only restores an attractive finish but also protects the structure of your driveway to extend the life far beyond an untreated drive.


How we do it:

· We will survey and provide a comprehensive estimate detailing the steps to be performed to restore your driveway to its best form.

· Upon accepting the proposal our staff will schedule the application and notify you when we expect to perform the work. We will do our best to accommodate any special requirements.

· When we arrive at your location our equipment will be well marked to identify that we are “RESTORE SEALCOATING” and safely mark our work area with safety cones to warn traffic and use barricades to warn pedestrians from entering.

· Your driveway will be prepared by trimming overgrown grass from the edges, cleaned of all loose debris and oil stains will be primed to assure the sealcoating will adhere to the driveway.

· Cracks will be filled with the highest commercial quality material available and expertly applied by our technicians. Having the cracks filled will keep water from creating more erosion and prohibit ice to form and expand resulting in breaking the asphalt structure.

· Areas needing repair will be identified and options will be discussed based on the size and severity of the damaged areas.

· Application of the sealcoating is done with brush application to provide the ultimate benefit of the process as it applies the sealcoating to the maximum desired thickness and most even distribution. If the application requires it to be spray applied it will be acknowledged on the proposal.

With the RESTORE SEALCOATING maintenance schedule you can be sure to get the most out of your driveway for many years to come. Application every two years will keep it that way and we guarantee it to be free of material defects for that period.